Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shaw Hendry’s Amazing Simpsons Collection Exhibition

A great example how powerful merchandise is, in the sweetest possible way. It's because of the variety of characters, it's because of the sense of humour - so honest and sharp that you are left giggling instantly.
Can you imagine how emotional it must have been for all Shaw Hendry's closest to be there... how many memories it probably triggered... That was the interesting fact about this exhibition. We all know The Simpsons and can relate to it. But knowing that every single item included there was owned by one man, and then hearing his wife, talking about him and his passion, hearing her voice, shaking slightly, because he was so special to her... She talked about the surprise realising how many things he managed to collect... it was very moving.
And ticked all the boxes too - nicely organized, good speech (with some personal stories, I love that...), theme cake with theme napkins (I took one as a souvenir, sweet), refreshments, and a very nice handout (I appreciate this most). Thank you xxx
 Go and see it, before it's all boxed up...

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