Thursday, April 21, 2011


The photo above is probably my most favorite from all those I've ever taken (except family photos etc.). It's hard to say why (or rather hard to explain why). For me, it's not a photo of a Tower Bridge nor a photo of an old lady. This is a photo of her feelings, when she suddenly stopped and silently started watching the river flowing under the Tower Bridge. Who knows how long she stayed, who she was thinking about... before heading home to put the flowers she bought at the market in a vase.

Today, at the Adelaide Central Market, I saw an older lady trying to take a picture of some flowers. She was standing there, trying to focus her little compact digital camera, but her hands were strongly and helplessly shaking. It was a very sad sight. I came to her, saying 'let's try together', taking her hands in mine while holding the camera. I could sense how she instantly became relaxed. We took the photo and all I managed to do afterwards was to smile, stroke her cheek and say that she is lovely. It was time for me to go but I'll probably never forget her.

I have a strong feeling for old people. Those who lived their life to make the world better for us. You see their aged body, silver hair and graceful wrinkles, all that involuntarily comes traded for experience and wisdom. I am fascinated by those with a strong will to live and fight while trying to understand today's confusing world.

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