Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roller blade dreamer

I am not a person who would justify buying a 'thing' just for its brand name (what a dangerous thing to say if you are a marketing consultant haha), therefore this cheap helmet will do. Will go ok with my cheap robust cruise bike I bought some time ago. I needed a robust one so I wouldn't be tempted to ride it too fast. Anyway... So this bike was three time cheaper than my beloved roller blades (have them for over 7 years now?). Even my roller blades are not fancy. I spend more time dreaming about going roller blading than roller blading itself. But... it's been too long now, so nothing is going to stop me now... Well literally, as I still haven't learnt how to stop gracefully on roller blades too...


  1. That helmet is amazing! Mine has too much padding in it and sort of sits on top of my head a bit too much :)

  2. Bec - I admit feeling like a coconut head...And yes, I removed some padding so it fits better

    Peter / Bec - my first thoughts were - let me draw something... then I reminded myself of my failed attempt to draw a dolphin (well it looked more like a duck rather than dolphin)...