Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crazy days

Realising how time flies, in a full swing of events and occurences, I feel (again) kind of grateful I have at least some moment-'captcha'-photos, treasured digital files... Memories overlayed by work projects and life responsibilities, feelings of guilt (as I function on 'simple mode'), neverending relationship battles and learning about myself as well about others.

As far as I remember, I can never get bored. I have such a big line up of projects (for my friends plus some volunteering stuff) that it's more about sudden sighs and being cross with myself for not doing more. When even prioritising is not enough.

And... there is so much inspiring information to be absorbed, so many interesting documents and artscapes to be discovered, so many stars in the night sky to be counted.... Life is beautiful.

And here is my little list of things to remember... and now back to work...

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