Wednesday, October 17, 2012

107 Andary Chetana - Journey

107 - Andary Chetana - Journey
stainless steel and bronze
sculpture, 1994
River Torrens / Karravirra Parri

Description: Journey - consists of two elements, both 3.5 metres high on each side of the bike path, made from bronze and stainless steel. The work represents the paths of life, and of time, leading to and from, forming a passage way. The viewer is held on one side of the path, grounded. The materials, physical, spiritual and emotional goals that we strive for are on the other side, the 'ladder of success'. The work invites us to rise above obstacles so that we can 'fly' to the other side to reach our goals. The work along the path represents moving through our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Read more..

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