Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breathe easy these heights are scaring us. Imagine our wishes coming true. Wash away the years that passed. The aurora illuminates the path we take. As we tip the hourglass we will rise up. Watch the city’s glow shine down on us. We’re not the strangers you thought we would be. I can’t really wait for the day we hoped would take us to the edge. We’re shaking as we speak the words of the dawn. We’ll wait for the moment to come from over the horizon; we will remain. So why can’t we sleep and live? I’ll give thanks to the person who gave us these reflections. They enlighten us and we’ll trance. These aspirations will follow us. We’ll get a little dirty. We’ll take it to the boundary. This is going to be the future baby. You better run; it’s beautiful.

Jana Zilinkova
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